Property Preservation Services!!

SCC provides a variety of regulatory-compliant residential and commercial property preservation services. We act quickly and effectively to ensure that each property is secured and maintained consistent with applicable investor/insurer guidelines. Our experienced field service professionals delivers the timely and cost-effective performance you need - every time. Automated services include grass cuts, winterization, securing and re-securing, plus a full complement of corrective/maintenance services designed to optimize property appearance, safety and marketability.


Once an initial securing order has been issued, vacancy confirmed and property inspection completed, we complete a lock change consistent with investor/insurer requirements. During securing, our field experts board any broken windows and/or doors, complete any necessary property winterization, and thoroughly document incidents of damage and debris. Re-securing services are available to assure ongoing protection and marketability of REO properties. A complete property condition report, including photos, is supplied to the client.


To prevent code violations, as well as potential health, safety and/or infestation problems, interior and exterior debris is removed from all pre-sale properties. When a property enters its post-sale phase, all interior and exterior debris, including hazardous debris, is removed. Exterior debris is transferred to a licensed disposal facility. Interior debris is disposed of according to investor/insurer guidelines.


Without proper winterization, unoccupied properties can suffer serious damage to heating, plumbing and other systems during cold winter months. To prevent these problems, SCC'S service teams drain the hot water tank and all water lines, forcing air through the system to ensure that water is completely removed. Systems are then pressure tested to check for leaks, with antifreeze added to all sink drains and traps. All toilets are cleaned and antifreeze added to bowls and tanks. Electric, gas and water utilities are turned off except where a sump pump is installed, in which case electrical service is maintained.

Notification stickers showing date of service and service contact information are placed on all winterized components and systems. Triggered by a change in property status and/or seasonal weather conditions, SCC's de-winterization services restore all systems to normal working order.

A report with supporting photos documenting all winterization services is supplied to the client.


Proper landscape maintenance enhances curb appeal, ensures compliance with local ordinances and discourages unwanted attention.

Our field service teams observe FHA regulations for grass cutting frequency, generally providing service every two weeks during the cutting season. Bushes and shrubs are trimmed once per season, or more frequently at the client's request. All landscape maintenance is performed according to applicable investor/insurer guidelines.


SCC's snow removal services keep walkways and driveways clear during the winter months to ensure property safety and security. Snow is removed according to investor/insurer specifications whenever snow accumulation reaches three inches. Snow-melting compounds are applied to ensure that cleared areas remain ice-free.


Before a foreclosed property can be conveyed to HUD, clients must ensure that it is in proper convey condition. When a convey maintenance order is issued, a SCC's field team is dispatched immediately to verify property vacancy. Once vacancy is confirmed, the client is notified and required maintenance scheduled. All work is fully documented and submitted to the client within 24 hours of completion.



Performed after initial property securing, SCC's interior inspection services are structured to comply with investor/insurer guidelines. Our field experts conduct a visual "walk-through" to identify problems such as mold, roof leaks and visible infestations which, if not immediately addressed, can lead to further costly repairs. Interior inspections are completed and documented monthly, or as requested by the client.


SCC'S exterior inspection services verify occupancy status, determine exterior property condition, and alert the client to any problems that may compromise asset value. Our inspection teams identify and document missing or damaged siding, structural damage, overgrown grass and debris, as well as broken windows/doors and other security problems. Posted citations and for-sale signs are also noted. Supporting photos are provided, as appropriate.

Tailored to client business goals, our exterior inspections support:

Occupancy verification

Secondary mortgages

Reverse mortgages

Trust administration

Real property valuation

Structural damage documentation

Debris/dumping/hazard materials documentation

Collections -- "door knock"



"Loss Mitigation"

SCC provides loss mitigation inspections in support of loan modifications (HAMP), short sales and deed-in-lieu-of-foreclosure programs. In addition, our trained field specialists provide on-site document delivery and notary services, as well as cash-for-keys negotiation and resolution.


Exterior REO inspections include occupancy determination; presence/condition of lockbox and for sale sign; and verification of additional items consistent with investor/insurer guidelines and/or client instructions. At client request, the property interior can be checked for safety, sanitary 

condition, damage, debris/hazards and utilities.

"Insurance Loss"

SCC's conducts loss draft and casualty loss inspections of residential and commercial properties subject to insurance claims to determine the extent and nature of damage to the property and/or confirm that appropriate work/repairs are taking place. Based on client-provided scope of work, our inspector can also determine the percentage of work completed. The client is alerted if repairs are not proceeding according to schedule to ensure that funds are not released until work has been completed.


FEMA inspections are conducted to determine property damage resulting from a Presidential-declared public disaster. Inspections can be exterior only, or expanded to include flood lines, property accessibility and other conditions, based on FEMA guidelines. In addition, inspectors attempt to determine the homeowner's repair or rebuilding intentions. Based on the extended FEMA questionnaire, inspections can also include presence of mold, repairs undertaken, and condition of surrounding homes.

"Orderly Occupancy Termination"

Consistent with specified lockout date and time, SCC provides an experienced eviction team to coordinate and complete lockout procedures, working closely with the client, assigned attorneys and appropriate law enforcement authorities. Team members understand and fully observe all local statutes and maintain the highest professional standards when working with law enforcement and the borrower during the eviction process. Once the property has been vacated, client-specified property preservation work is initiated.

SCC is in business for one reason: To help mortgage servicers succeed by enabling them to improve default management operations, maximize mortgage assets and reduce costs. We are committed to accomplishing our mission by providing field services, technology and related support solutions that exceed client expectations. SCC performs above industry standards based on four key metrics:

1) Quality

2) Cost effectiveness

3) Work order turn-around time

4) Regulatory compliance